In Agia Paraskevi, on Anaxagora Street 3, Rythdomomi is building two five-storey apartment buildings with a common entrance and a basement where the auxiliary areas and the parking area are located.
The design concept is the purity of the construction, while the many openings, the "extroversion" of the building, enable the interior spaces to have a view towards the neighboring front.

The buildings consist of five floors, a common basement and a pilaster, which are car parks, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and roof. The 1st floor of the building on the left consists of two apartments, one of 80 sq.m. and one of 125 sq.m., the 2nd one of 105 sq.m., the 3rd one of 125 sq.m. and the 4th and 5th one of 175 sq.m., while the building on the right consists of five apartments of 90 ― 110 sq.m. each.

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